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This 5 class course offers you an introduction to Homeopathy. Homeopathy uses ultra diluted natural substances that stimulate a healing response in the body. They are safe, nontoxic, and effective. AND they taste good! These remedies are in our Homeopathic First Aid Kit which is portable and can go everywhere you go. Dr Franz teaches about the 20 remedies in the kit and gives you information on how to use them. This is a must for all parents looking for non-pharmaceutical ways to deal with minor acute illnesses.

Stimulate a Safe Healing Response in the body.

20 remedies for non-pharmaceutical ways to deal with minor acute illnesses.

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5 classes full of invaluable information. Learn how to use Homeopathy for minor acute illnesses.

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Cornelia Franz

M.D. / Author / Owner of The Franz Center

Dr. Cornelia Franz is the founder and owner of the Franz Center in Orlando, Florida. She was raised in Asheville, NC and attended Wake Forest University as an undergraduate. She received her MD from Bowman Gray School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, NC, and went on to complete her Pediatric Internship in Lexington, Kentucky. Dr. Franz finished her Residency in pediatrics at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida at the University of Florida. After residency, she did a fellowship in Adolescent Medicine at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. She has been in pediatric practice in Orlando since 1985! Dr Franz is the author of Common Sense Pediatrics: Combining Alternative and Traditional Medicine in Everyday Practice, noted speaker, and the founder of Common Sense Pediatrics Informative Sessions. She also loves teaching on various subjects that help empower parents to raise healthier children. The Common Sense Pediatric Informative Sessions are offered on a regular basis to help parents learn more on how to provide their children with numerous ways to treat simple illnesses.

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