Effective Communication

This is a great class for parents who are looking to establish a new connection with their young adult!

Ages 18-30 - these can be the best and the most challenging years. It is all about effective communication now. Adults working together for a common purpose. Your children ARE adults, and the efforts you put in are now evident. These years can still be tumultuous at times until age 25, but after that....smooth sailing as long as YOU make the adjustments you need. Your children will no longer respond to the authoritative parenting style and maintaining the relationship is paramount. This is a great class for parents who are looking to establish a new connection with their young adult who is now discovering more about themselves and their life's purpose.
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    Welcome to Ages 18-30 - Your Children as Adults: The Next Phase LIVE Class!!

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    Ages 18-30 Your Children as Adults - The Next Phase

    • Ages 18-30 Your Children as Adults - The Next Phase

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Cornelia Franz

M.D. / Author / Owner of The Franz Center

Dr. Cornelia Franz is the founder and owner of the Franz Center in Orlando, Florida. She was raised in Asheville, NC and attended Wake Forest University as an undergraduate. She received her MD from Bowman Gray School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, NC, and went on to complete her Pediatric Internship in Lexington, Kentucky. Dr. Franz finished her Residency in pediatrics at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida at the University of Florida. After residency, she did a fellowship in Adolescent Medicine at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. She has been in pediatric practice in Orlando since 1985! Dr Franz is the author of Common Sense Pediatrics: Combining Alternative and Traditional Medicine in Everyday Practice, noted speaker, and the founder of Common Sense Pediatrics Informative Sessions. She also loves teaching on various subjects that help empower parents to raise healthier children. The Common Sense Pediatric Informative Sessions are offered on a regular basis to help parents learn more on how to provide their children with numerous ways to treat simple illnesses.

Erin Tongue

Family Nurse Practitioner

Erin Tongue is a Family Nurse Practitioner at The Franz Center and an Identity Change Expert. After overcoming her own health crisis six years ago, she realized that her health had improved because she had aligned her subconscious identity with her ideal external health habits- this was the winning combination for lasting change. Erin helps people who are struggling to think, feel and act differently, regardless of how eager they are to change, but inevitably, end up right back where they started. Unlike other behavior change models that focus only on external habit change, Erin takes a deep dive into her client's subconscious identity to reveal what is controlling their thoughts, feelings and actions. Regardless of what identity Erin's clients want to change (parent, spouse, career, health, etc.) she helps them understand how it was established, how it keeps them stuck, and step-by-step instructions for identity transformation, even when it feels impossible. Change your subconscious identity, change your life!

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